Agatti Beach Resort


Guidelines to guests during the stay at Agatti

  Please carry casual clothing and footwear and wear even on arrival. The trip from Agathi to Bangaram will have you invariably set foot in water

Please do not leave valuables, shoes, snorkels, or any such materials outside the room and you will have fishermen walking on the beach.

The presence of mosquitoes is due to the fresh water lake in the island. The windows of rooms are covered by mosquito nets and mosquito repellents are provided in rooms. Make sure the doors are kept closed in the evening.

We use ground water and carries the smell of sulphur at times. It is however safe.
Laundry services are available. The clothes are hand washed and dried naturally. The service will require 24 hrs to hand over.

First aid facilities are available at the resort Agathi has a primary health centre with qualified doctors.

We accept all major credit cards, debit cards, foreign currency and travelers’ cheques.

Baggage allowance is 15 kg per person

Please pack cameras and other valuables in water proof bags during boat transfers.

Follow island rules.

Flight – Cochin – Agatti – Cochin.
Indian Airlines - Sunday, Monday, Wednesday,Friday –
Kingfisher – Tuesday, Thruesday, Staurday. -
(The fare and the shedule will subject to change )

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