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The facts on Lakshadweep provides a thorough overview of the Union Territory of India. Situated on the coast of Arabian Sea, Lakshadweep encompasses a total population of 60,595 (as per the census data of 2001). Endowed with an unparalleled natural scenic beauty, the Union Territory boasts of a rich biodiversity that adds to the charm of Lakshadweep.

Comprising mostly of the Muslim community, Lakshadweep depends on the traditional economic activities of fishing, coir making and cultivation of coconut. The origin of Lakshadweep can be traced back to the various historical legends most of which has been passed down the generation by word of mouth. The oral tradition of Lakshadweep tells us about the rich religious and cultural heritage of the island which has percolated to the modern era.

Later in the 12th century, when a Kolathiri princess married a Muslim convert, the islands became a part of the only Islamic dominion in the Kerala region. Read more at Lakshadweep Histoy Page

Entry Permits: Lakshadweep islands are basically restricted areas and the nation's smallest union territory. All visitors need a permit to enter Lakshadweep. However for bonafied tourists the permit and other formalities will be arranged by MintValley Tourism.
More at: Lakshadweep Tourism, India - Frequently Asked Questions

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