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We are going to witness bigger opportunities and challenges with the increased net population worldwide. Our firm, MintValley e-Commerce & Technologies Pvt. Ltd., a Web Property Incubator, possessing some of the very interesting projects for developments.

Across the world today you will find a large number of Internet Companies that are dropping like flies because they did not have enough customers to produce sales. The name of the game is leading Internet market and without them any business is doomed. Domain names have become an essential branding tool for the success of every business from entrepreneurs to corporations. 
A name that is not relevant to the business, it takes a lot of time, energy, and money to associate it in the public's mind. That's called branding. Branding is expensive. They acquire great value only when someone spends millions to brand them.

Our great advantage is the generic umbrella brands which allows us to do business efficiently and effectively. We can now target the leadership in the fast emerging internet economy, by focusing on the worldwide Business Community. This could be only afforded and made possible if there is a global reach, a level playing field, speed and interactivity from our side.

The Internet is continuously evolving. Many sites that began with simple, text-based pages are now utilizing the boundless capacities of streaming video, audio, and real time technologies. Our web addresses that instantly tells the world we're part of the new generation of online experiences.
With the advent of e-commerce the internet has become a very important development tool. Also, the internet being an interactive medium, the net through innumerable websites, enables participation of individuals and organizations in business-to-business and business- to-consumer commerce. 
MintValley has the expertise to develop e-Commerce sites that can make a great change to your purchasing, marketing and customer relationships for the better. Security on the net has always been a cause of worry for most businesses. We at MintValley have implemented the latest technologies in safe-guarding businesses and customers while trading on the net. Our e-Commerce sites carry all the general features and also encompasses security requirements like confidentiality, Integrity, Authorization, Authentication, Assurance and Privacy.  To learn more on MintValley's e-Commerce solutions, click here.
Being located in the hub of the Tourist Center in India (Cochin), MintValley has identified the tourism industry as one of the areas for her operations. In addition to being a leader in E-Commerce and Web technologies, MintValley has evolved into a E-tourism enterprise to transform the way key tourism-promotion, resort management support and group marketing concept are performed. Tourists and all involved in the Tourism industry are greatly benefited by the technological advancement made recently and have already felt the impact of greater reach and better services and information through the Internet. 
MintValley's projects in the E-tourism sector may one day be a example for others to follow but her team of dedicated professionals are complacent and motivated to develop better services for the tourism industry in combination with the Technological progress in the IT industry. If you wish to know more on MintValley's E-tourism Projects, click here.
The Harbour Marina is the key project of MintValley Technologies. It would be located in "The Queen Of the Arabian Sea"- Kochi (Cochin) city, one of the safest natural harbours in South Asia. Once constructed it would provide facilities for Water sports, Cruiselines charters, Yachting terminals, Shopping arcades, a Beach resort, Health and Massage parlors, a Scuba Diving training and certification center, a boat and Yacht build / repair facility, fuel piers etc. The Harbour Marina will be the Jewel of the Queen of the Arabian Sea for countless generations. The Harbour Marina Project details can be viewed by clicking here.
MintValleys special emphasis on providing unique services to her Customers doesn't end. MintValley's Domain Name Registration, Corporate Mailing Solutions and Web hosting, Keyword Registration services has made a profound impact in the business community and for the Internet user in general. MintValley has conceptualized an economical package for Web Hosting, Domain Registration and Web Designing employing the latest technology, service providers and a committed after sales service team. For more on our Web Hosting and other service click here.
We are also offering 15% of the sale, up to US$ 20,000 referral commission to parties who refer a buyer to us whereby the Buyer purchases one or more of our Web projects. The referring party must have a genuine relationship with the prospective Buyer. MintValley reserves the sole right to determine is a referring party is due a referral commission. To refer a Buyer, please mail the details of the company or person who would be interested in the domain name projects and your contact address.

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The above are some of the key projects that are being implemented at MintValley Technologies and we invite enquiries from prospective Investors willing to participate in our Business propositions.

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