M.V. Kavaratti - Celebrate New Year!
Cruise on 'M.V. Kavaratti' The spirit of Lakshadweep!

Celebrate New Year 2010! 5 Days at Sea.

Cruise leaves out of Kochi (Cochin) on 30th Dec, 2009 and returns back on 03rd Jan, 2010 at Kochi. All @ Rs.20,000 per person, in diamond class, based on double occupancy.

Fare is inclusive of Food, Water Sports, Sight Seeing, Guided Tour in Kavaratti, Kalpeni and Minicoy, Entry Permits, Documentation, Passenger handling charges, Fuel Surcharge, ship/island/ship transfers & all taxes.

Water sports includes snorkeling, lagoon trips, reef watching on glass bottom boat etc.,

Boarding Starts at 10.00 A.M. At Warf, Willingdon Island, Kochi. Departure: 11.00 A.M.

*New Year (2010) Packages - Fare Saver
An additional amount (6%) may be applied if name-list received on or after 25th August, 2009) Order Now

Scuba Diving - Diving Adventures!
For adventures, there are plenty of opportunities for Scuba diving. One can engage in water sports like Kayaking, Canoeing, Snorkeling and Para Sailing. One may also visit local houses, Marine museum, Light House and a few local industries.

Tuna Canning Factory
Minicoy is one of 4 Major Tuna Fishing Centers in Lakshadweep, is the only place in India where an organized Tuna fishing is practiced in a small scale commercial sector. The fishing method used for Tuna catching is “Pole and Line”. Pole and Line has been Minicoy’s asset from time immemorial.

Tuna is the main resources on which the fishing industry developed in Lakshadweep. The tuna is converted into traditional product called “Mas”. The tuna is made in to fillets and there after boiled / cooked smoked and sun dried for 7 to 8 days to get the product “Mas”. The Mas is being exported to South East Asian Countries mainly to Sri Lanka. Here a line of products (Tinned tuna drained and flaked) which are offers to tourists.

Experience the Adventures on 'Tender port'
(All the islands of Lakshadweep falls in tender port category and one will go ashore on smaller boats from the ship rather than being tied up to a dock)

View the Itinerary here: Sample Itinerary

Onboard the ship a film is shown to the tourist giving a brief history of Lakshadweep, its environment, the coral reefs and its management, the ban on picking up of corals, using plastics and ways to keep the islands clean and enjoy the beauty without disturbing or destroying it.....[Read More Here: Miscellaneous]

Coral Reef Package Programme (Main Page)
Coral Reef Sample Itinerary

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