Sample Itinerary - Alappuzha, (Alleppey)

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(Sample Itinerary - Alappuzha, Kerala)
Begin the second leg of this exciting holiday, with a trip to Kumarakam/Alleppey and check into your Houseboat. This city is famous for its bursts of pineapple bushes, bamboo, the swaying palms and the drooping willows. Start your journey that traverses past picturesque villages, paddy fields, coconut palms, quaint chapels, visit the Bird Sanctuary and see night fishing too.  Lunch, dinner and breakfast will be served on board.

Day (Resort) 

Check out after breakfast, and proceed to Turtle Beach, Marari. Check into the Hotel. It's a place so aesthetic, that the memory will take a long time to fade away. Marari also helps you foray into the world of authentic Kerela fish cuisine.

 Kuttanad Backwaters

Kuttanad lies sandwiched between the sea and the hills. The 75 kilometers long sparkling network of rivers, canals, lakes, lagoons and tiny streamlets between Kollam and Cochin and beyond to Thiruvananthapuram, of which the Kuttanad (Backwaters) comprises of, are akin to a tropical land of canals. Kuttanad, called the rice bowl of Kerala because of her wealth of paddy crops is at the heart of the backwaters. 

The scenic countryside of Kuttanad with its shimmering waterways also has a rich crop of bananas, yams and cassava which accompany the rice bowl as "side dishes". This is one of the places in the world where farming is done below sea level. Inland waterways which flow above land level is an amazing feature of this unique land.
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