Brunton Boat Yard, Fort Kochi

Monsoon Super Saver Kerala - Travel Packages - 2011


The Brunton Boatyard Hotel is our attempt to distill an aspect of this heritage. And to bring colonial Cochin alive for the contemporary traveler. For what is essentially a small and intimate city resort hotel, The Brunton Boatyard posses a remarkable sense of scale, evident the moment you turn into the tiled forecourt.
The lobby is a vault of sunlight and air, framed by arches and overhung with punkahs - enormous, old-fashioned fans of Indo-Portuguese origin.  A rich, and colorful history marks the corridor, once the century old boatyard of Geo. Brunton and Sons.

A short saunter down the corridor brings you to a little doorway. Pass through and suddenly, the whole vista of Cochin harbour opens up beyond the pool's inviting waters. The hotel's nautical past seems to follow around the guests. On one wall, old Dutch maps, on another, a small navigation device, in the grassy courtyard, an ancient anchor.

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